Welcome to my website! We developed it specifically to provide, in one place, easier access to the work that I have done across four decades of psychological research. To help you find what you want, the material is arranged by topic. The links above offer menus of biographical information, books and video presentations, specific research topics, and also some of my creative writing over the years.  A comprehensive bibliography of my work, arranged by year, is found in my vita. 

The resources on this website derive almost exclusively from the work of our research group at the University of New Mexico, and are in no way intended to be comprehensive presentations of the information and research available on these topics.  We also, of course, can make no promise that the information and resources here will be effective with a particular person or problem.  Rather, this website is meant only as a concise way to access my lifetime of work on addictions, motivation and change.

Obviously no one accomplishes this scope of work alone.  I have been privileged throughout my career at UNM to work with extraordinary colleagues, staff and students without whom none of this would have been possible.